This blog is for anyone thinking about travelling by bike on their own or with friends (and for friends, family and future friends too, who might be wondering what on earth I am up to and whether or not my tent is staying up).  I hope my cycle down the west coast of France then trip on to Malawi this year will be the first of many adventures!  I cycle the world in stages starting with Roscoff, France to Venice, Italy in July 2017.  Africa in 2018 and then a bit of sorting out to do before I get to Oz and the US in 2019.  I am a violist and fiddle player, teacher, allotmenteer and also enjoy learning about biodiversity and all things environmental.  I hope you enjoy my wafflings!

Thanks to Pewsey Velo (best bike shop in Wiltshire!) for inspiring my cycling and keeping me on the road come rain or shine.  Also thanks to Chris White for his constant words of cycle support and helping me out immensely in the very early days of the great red Giant!  And finally….many thanks to all of my friends and family who tell me when I’m being ridiculous and for putting up with me when I completely ignore them :-).

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